Food and Drink Menu


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Signature Dishes of the Robata Umihiko Yamahiko

Grilled Unseasoned Conger Eel

Fluffy Fried Minced Shrimp Balls

Local Sake and Famous Sakes from Across Japan

Assorted Sashimi (6-kind)

Charcoal-Grilled Rosy Seabass

Grilled Chicken Thigh

Beef Tendon Tofu & Cheese

Homemade Japanese Rolled Omelette with Dashi Broth

Japanese Sake


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*Please note that our restaurant does not have a parking lot.
If you are coming by car, we recommend using the coin-operated parking lots near us. Additionally, our restaurant is only 1-minute away from the Ishinomaki Station by walk. We highly recommend visiting us by train.

 Creating Smiles for Our Customers - The Daishinrin Group

What the Daishinrin Group can offer to our customers is:
  • Serving safe and delicious food, and tasty beverages.
  • Providing valuable moments and cozy place to spend with friends, family, and loved ones.
We are dedicated to pursuing these two aspects thoroughly.
"Seeing our customers leaving with a smile" is our greatest joy.